Option 2: e-learning

The West Midlands’ NHS focused “Every Contact Counts” e-learning modules, developed in 2011, have been updated (June 2015): Modules One and Two have been reviewed and script changes made to incorporate the relevant NICE Guidance PH49 recommendations; scenarios have been updated to ensure relevance to NHS settings and staff including AHPs, Acute Care staff, Primary Care and Pharmacy staff; and downloadable pdf’s of key points such as “door openers” developed, to be accessible from mobile devices.

Lifestyle issues, such as smoking, being overweight, drinking alcohol excessively and being physically inactive, can impact on the physical and mental health and well-being of us all.  This e-learning supports you, in your everyday work, to help people consider change by raising their awareness of the impacts of lifestyle behaviours on their health and well-being, being encouraging and supportive of change, and signposting them to further supporting agencies, where appropriate. 

The annual cost to the British taxpayer of unhealthy lifestyle choices runs into billions of pounds every year. The NHS Five Year Forward View has signalled the need for ‘hard hitting national action’ to tackle this.

By focusing on prevention we can help to address the outcomes in the NHS Outcomes Framework, Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework and Public Health Outcomes Framework.  By supporting people to lead healthier lives, we can prevent people from dying prematurely, help them to recover from episodes of ill-health, enhance their quality of life, and help them to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Wherever you work, in health, social care, or the voluntary sector, you can look for opportunities to Make Every Contact Count (MECC) with patients, service users, carers and colleagues.  The focus of this learning is to give users the confidence to start a very brief conversation which will help the person involved to consider change, feel encouraged and supported to change, and know where to go for further support if they feel ready to change.

By undertaking this learning, you can build the prevention of poor health and the promotion of healthy living into your day-to-day business.

Whilst this learning has an NHS feel to it, it is available for use by anyone and the skills are transferrable to many other areas that involve making behaviour change decisions.

This resource is co-owned by Health Education England working across West Midlands and Public Health England West Midlands.