Doctors in Training Induction ... an update

As part of HEE e-LfH’s expanding e-learning offer a national induction package is being developed for Foundation doctors.

The HEE e-LfH team will work with a wide range of subject matter experts to create a high quality, visually appealing and scenario rich e-learning programme that delivers the skills and knowledge that Foundation doctors require.

The programme will include the following clinical topics:

  • Blood Transfusion
  • Consent
  • Death Certification
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Record Keeping
  • Risk Management
  • Safe Prescribing
  • VTE Thromboprophylaxis.

The new Doctors in Training Induction programme is not intended to replace statutory and mandatory training. Junior doctors will still need to complete their statutory and mandatory training as required by their role.

For more information about the project please email