Overview of Integrated Care Framework

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The Integrated Care Framework (ICF) has been designed to provide practical help to teams who want to adopt integrated care as a way of working.

It provides a simple model which describes a person-centred approach to integrated care services, and a step by step approach to using the model as the basis for the development/adoption of new models of care.

It can be used by a wide range of people, from individuals who want to build their understanding of how integrated care is different from other approaches to service provision, to senior managers working to cut through the complexity of service transformation by telling a simple but compelling story.

It was designed and developed through collaboration of colleagues from health, social care, academia and the voluntary sector.

The ICF assumes that:

  • the values and principles which are contained within the framework are accepted as broadly defining the shared purpose of person-centred integrated care
  • the leaders of organisations/networks/partnerships moving toward models of person-centred integrated care will engage (or have already engaged) with colleagues and other stakeholders to develop the person-centred care that they wish to provide
  • service design starts with the patient, and then establishes the roles which deliver services

In its broadest sense the framework aims to form a stable and common base, to ensure that all levels of staff working in integrated teams have a clear shared purpose, and are confident, capable and able to offer high quality care and support that is consistent with the personalisation agenda, with increasing delivery closer to home.

The ICF includes links to many other resources within health and social care, the voluntary sector and academic research.

These categories of stakeholders will find suggestions about how they might use the Integrated Care Framework in the downloadable document.

  • Commissioners
  • Employers
  • Workforce leads
  • Staff/workers
  • Education & training providers
  • Service managers & leaders