Patient safety resource centre

A resource centre designed to help healthcare professionals deliver safe and reliable care

PatientPlus - Dementia

PatientPlus articles are written by UK doctors and are based on research evidence, UK and European Guidelines, and are aimed at healthcare professionals and medical students

Person centred care resource centre

A resource centre designed to help healthcare professionals implement a more person-centred healthcare service

Person centred outcomes

An explanation of ‘person-centred outcomes’ and why they are the essential starting point of the development of integrated care

Person-centred care

Pathway Point in the Dementia Competency Framework

Personalised Care Planning

An e-learning course for all health and social care professionals involved in managing a long term condition

Pharmaceutical Care of People Living with Dementia

Downloadable programme from NHS Education for Scotland (NES) which aims to develop a better understanding of the role of the healthcare teams in the early identification of dementia, signs and symptoms of the different types of dementia

Phil's Story

In this four minute video we hear how MECC had helped Phil improve his lifestyle

Pilot eReferral Project

Pilot project to capture data through an eReferral system

Posters: Don't be surprised if we ask

Posters for the "Don't be surprised if we ask" element of the "It's OK to ask" MECC campaign



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