Pilot eReferral Project

NHS Midlands and East piloted in 2013 an eReferral system which will assist organisations with data capture as part of the MECC ambition.

The referral hub works to ensure that the process of making a referral is as easy and quick as possible for staff and eliminates the need for filling in forms. It also ensures that organisations have a tool available which can accurately capture data.

At present the system is only set up for Stop Smoking Services, this is the first stage and we will be looking at extending this to other lifestyle areas. We are currently looking at offering this system to Acute Trusts throughout the cluster and GP surgeries.

The system is currently being used in Portsmouth Hospital (which has seen a 500% increase in the number of referrals made) and by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust. It is also being rolled out across London. 

For more information about the eReferral system and/or how to get involved please email Simon How at simon.how@phe.gov.uk