Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (IBA)

The Alcohol Identification and Brief Advice (Alcohol IBA) e-learning project is aimed at helping NHS professionals to identify people whose drinking may be adversely affecting their health.

The online resource, which delivers simple, structured advice, has been developed in partnership with the Department of Health's alcohol policy team and e-Learning for Health Care.

Alcohol IBA can be effectively delivered for a wide range of healthcare professionals, such as GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists and nurses.

Three e-learning courses have been developed so far:

  • Alcohol IBA in Primary Care
  • Alcohol IBA in Community Pharmacy
  • Alcohol IBA in Hospital Settings

Each course has five e-learning sessions that should each take 20 minutes, and these are followed by sixth session which is an assessment.

These courses have been designed to provide the skills and understanding to deliver IBA in line with the National Occupational Standard AH10 - "employ techniques to help individuals adopt sensible drinking behaviour".

Users learn how to use World Health Organisation validate tools to identify patients' levels of health risk from alcohol and how to intervene appropriately with those who could benefit from reducing their consumption.

Course provider: Public Health England

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours