Inclusive Leadership Organisational Development

Diversity is not a choice. It is all around us. Being inclusive is a choice we make.

The Inclusive Leadership Organisational Development Programme aims to ensure inclusion is integrated into NHS organisations so the NHS really does belong to all. The overarching aim is to ensure the development of inclusive leadership within all regional and local leadership activity.

Funded by the West Midlands Local Delivery Partnership, the Inclusive Leadership Organisational Development Programme will be offered to all NHS organisations within the West Midlands at no cost to them. It aims to transform organisations systemically, generating a paradigm shift through changing people's hearts and mind.

The Inclusive Leadership Organisational Development Programme will enable:

  • personal development and the ability to think differently
  • understanding of how to increase individual performance
  • an increase in organisational peformance

There are different types of programmes and learning approaches to ensure all needs are met including master classes, eLearning packages and train the trainer approaches. 

The Inclusive Leadership eLearning package includes four units and 14 eLearning modules – this comprises of 14 learning videos and  14 learning toolkits on the following topics:-

  •  Inclusive introduction
  •  Inclusive branding
  •  Inclusive Big IDEA
  •  Inclusive factors
  • Inclusive experience
  • Inclusive period
  • Inclusive perspectives
  • Inclusive associations
  • Inclusive talent
  • Inclusive VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity)
  • Inclusive leading direct
  • Inclusive leading indirect
  • Inclusive impact
  • Inclusive legacy