eICE (Embedding Informatics in Clinical Education)

The work is led by a team from Health Informatics Development, supported by a multi-disciplinary steering group including NHS CFH (Connecting for Health) clinical leads, clinical educators, representatives of professional bodies and education commissioners.

Work is now focused on communicating the need for informatics in clinical education and providing some of the means to support clinicians and educators.

The resource is being developed in a number of ways, including developing e-learning materials, assessment tools and case studies and hosting and developing a repository of resources for clinical educators.

The project has developed a suite of short e-learning courses:

  • Introduction to information governance
  • Data, information, knowledge, communication and information transfer
  • The importance of good clinical record-keeping
  • The language of health - clinical coding
  • Clinical systems
  • ehealth: the future direction of clinical care

Estimated time to complete: 12 hours