Pressure Ulcer Path

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Research has shown that frontline staff understand the dangers of pressure sores but experience significant challenges in their attempts to prevent them.

The research, undertaken by NHS Midlands and East and downloadable below, showed that staff feel they do not have the time to treat patients and need improved communciation between the patients, their carers and the homes from which they might have come.

In response to this, NHS Midlands and East has created the Pressure Ulcer Path, a tool to support staff in preventing pressure ulcers and treating them.

It has also made Stop the Pressure, a video to show the importance of treating pressure ulcers and treatment of them using the five step SSKIN model.

The five step SSKIN model is also available as an online handy prompt to make it easy to remember. See what happens when you hover over the fingers...

In the period January to October 2011, there were 3,325 grade 3 and 4 pressure ulcers in the NHS Midlands and East regions alone

One of NHS Midlands and East's five ambitions is therefore to eliminate avoidable grade 2, 3 and 4 pressure ulcers by December 2012.

Avoidable pressure ulcers are a key indicator of the quality of nursing care. Preventing them happening will improve all care for vulnerable patients.

Pressure ulcer prevention is also part of ‘Safety Express’ - the Department of Health QIPP Safe Care work stream and the Operating Framework for 2012/13 which includes a new national CQUIN goal that incentivises use of the NHS Safety Thermometer.

Here are resources to help in raising awareness of pressure ulcers and preventing them. Clicking on the links will either download the resource or take you through to webpages.