Dementia Diagnosis and Management: a Brief Pragmatic Resource for General Practitioners

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This resource has been produced by several professions in association with NHS England with the aim of supporting GPs to identify and appropriately manage dementia patients in the primary care environment.

It is in the interest of patients and the health care community for GPs to play an active role in the diagnosis and management of dementia patients. This resource pack is neither a guideline nor a protocol, but a pragmatic document intended to offer practical advice.

It follows from a previous document ‘Dementia revealed – what primary care needs to know’ (the Dementia Primer) which is an overview of dementia management. If that document is “What to do?” then this contribution is “How to do it?” The pack includes an “Ask the expert’ section in which practical questions are posed to Professor Alistair Burns (National Clinical Director for Dementia, NHS England). These are then supported by descriptions of some clinical case scenarios.

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