Antonina Speaks

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Antonina is a young adult who was born with Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome. This condition affects muscle strength, coordination and balance and vision and understanding can also be affected. Antonina became a patient in an acute hospital after breaking her ankle at home. Within this story her mother and brother describe how inadequate use of patient notes and assessment data and generally inadequate communication had a negative impact on their perception of Antonina’s care. There are eight short chapters in Antonina’s Experience.

  • Antonina chapter 1: The hospital experience

    Stella discusses her expectations that she would be able to participate in supporting Antonina.

  • Antonina chapter 2: Communication and complaints systems

    The family briefly discuss the difficulties they experience when challenging the decision to prevent Stella from staying with Antonina. 

  • Antonina chapter 3: Calling for assistance

    Antonina and her family explain how her requests for pain relief have been ignored.

  • Antonina chapter 4: Collaborative help

    The family describe their experience as a fight they "couldn’t win".

  • Antonina chapter 5: Dignity

    Antonina was expected to look after herself without there being reference to an assessment of her self-care abilities.

  • Antonina chapter 6: Levels of disability

    The lack of communication between disciplines is highlighted.

  • Antonina chapter 7: Information sharing

    Antonina's family say: "Something was wrong with the communication"

  • Antonina chapter 8: Conclusion and summary

    Summary of the messages Antoninia and her family want healthcare professionals to take away