Common Core Principles for Supporting People with Dementia

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A guide which presents 8 common core principles for supporting people with dementia which can be applied to any customer-focused setting.

Commissioned by the Department of Health (DoH) as part of the implementation of the Living Well with Dementia: a national dementia strategy (DoH 2009) and presented by Skills for Health and Skills for Care, this guide is written primarily for the health and social care sectors.  However, the principles and supporting information will also be of interest to those working in any situation where people interact with those with dementia. The principles can be applied to any customer-focused provision, with equal relevance to those working in settings such as shops and banks, as well as public sector settings such as library, education and housing services.

Training and development has a key role in the implementation of the national dementia strategy and these common core principles will support development of the wider workforce. The best way to create a workforce that completely understands and responds positively to people with dementia is for workers, students and trainees to have these principles embedded in their practice.

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