System Workforce Planning

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Scenario System Planning Approach

Scenario System Planning Approach provides a high level strategic methodology aimed at developing an overarching system workforce plan. This approach is useful to engage clinicians working on a new agenda and can be used for either a discreet clinical pathways or a local health economy.

The resource is aimed at managers and clinicians across health and care who need to develop a system workforce plan.  While these users may not be experts in workforce planning, by using this tool, they can develop a strategic level system workforce plan through utilising existing data and information as a catalyst for conversation and generate a range of scenarios to inform the development of a high level workforce plan for clinical pathways, new care model or local health economy.

Workforce Planning within a System

Workforce Planning with a System provides a practical and easy to use four-step process to workforce planning within a system. Tools and techniques to guide you through each of the four steps with a worked through example.

The resource is aimed at anyone involved in workforce planning within a system at both a strategic and operational level. Sustability and Transformtion Partnerships (STPs), workstream leads and commissioners can use this resource to help identify what the purpose and objectives of the system are and the boundaries and pathways that they need to focus on. At an operational level, activities, competences, activity and productivity data, roles and location can then be determined using an activity analysis, which builds an action plan and workforce plan for the system. 

The accompanying e-learning session 'System Workforce Planning' is available on e-Learning for Healthcare.