Pre-registration nurse training - CHAMPS

Interwoven throughout public health white papers and DH policy documents is the vision to transform the NHS from a sickness to a true ‘health’ service. This can only be achieved if staff at the front line have the knowledge, skills and opportunity to provide individualised care that focuses on preventing illness as opposed to treating it (Darzi 2008).

Ensuring that newly qualified  nurses have the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver public health messages in a wide variety of settings can be achieved by adding brief intervention training to the undergraduate nursing curricula.

The aim of this additional training is to ensure that promoting health becomes a core part of the nursing role. By collaborating on a common set of resources, health  messages can be consistent and delivered utilising a client-centred approach. Click on the links on the left to download the different sections.

Introduction. A brief background and rationale of the pre-registration programme, programme details and trainers' handbook.

Year 1 package. Timetable, trainers' notes, slides and tasks about health promotion practice as an integral part of a nurse’s role.

Year 2 package.  Timetable, trainers' notes, slides and tasks to develops student nurses’ core skills to enable them to deliver effective brief interventions.

Year 3 package. Timetable, trainers' notes, slides and tasks to develop core skills further and fulfil health promotion duties.

Conclusion. References and evaluation form.

Brief Intervention Booklet. Brief intervention information presented in a simple, easy-to-remember format as an aid to study.

Curriculum cover. The cover for the training package.

Tabbed dividers. Section markers designed to make the training package easier to use.

This resource is available for organisations across the Midlands and East of England. If anyone outside the area would like any further information please contact