Midlands and East Guide and Toolkit and accompanying resources

Click on the links in the right hand panel to download the Midlands and East Making Every Contact Count Guide and Toolkit and accompanying resources.

  • Making Every Contact Count Guide and Tookit: key document offers an overview of the evidence for MECC, reveals how organisations can achieve systematic and sustainable change, outlines the benefits, explains roles and responsibilities, addresses the implementation process and lists the tools and resources available
  • Guide and Toolkit Summary: a quick summary of the key elements of the Making Every Contact Count Guide and Toolkit
  • Resource Map: a visual guide to the key resources available in Making Every Contact Count
  • Implementation Checklist: a step-by-step guide to implementing MECC within your organisation, with signposts to relevant tools and resources
  • Behaviour Change Pathway and Competence Mapping: document illustrates the potential complexities and direction of an individual's behaviour change journey, and how the workforce might respond
  • Organisational Assessment Tool: document will help you assess your current position as a health promoting organisation, and analyse areas that may require change to achieve improvement
  • Individual and Team Assessment Tool: example form that can be used to identify skill gaps and development needs at individual and team level
  • Orientation Workshop: a slide set for a Making Every Contact Count introduction to your organisation
  • Making the Case: a presentation to make the case for implementing Making Every Contact Count
  • Information on Self-care: template on self-care and accessing further support that can be populated with information on services that individuals might benefit from being referred to
  • Links to Policy Drivers:  document details the key policy drivers and initiatives that support MECC
  • Prompt Cards: questions staff can ask to illicit further information about an individual's health
  • Health Benefit Cards: information on specific lifestyle areas to illustrate how to make healthier choices
  • Voluntary and Third Sector Briefing: information for voluntary and third sector organisations about implementing MECC