Integrated Care Framework

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Developed by Health Education England, the Integrated Care Framework (ICF) can help any team to think through what they need to do to introduce local integrated care. It includes a simple and intuitive model, and a step-by-step process to guide local development of people-centred integrated services.


Overview of Integrated Care Framework 

Provides a simple model which describes a person-centred approach to integrated care services, and a step by step approach for using the model as the basis for the development/adoption of new models of care.

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Step by Step Guide to Developing Integrated Care Services

Using the Integrated Care Framework (ICF) and learning from experience of Vanguards and Pioneers to develop local integrated care.


Drivers and Priorities for Integrated Care

The development of integrated, person-centred services is one of the highest priorities for the NHS, and is the subject of several strategies and initiatives.

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Person-centred Outcomes

Person-centred outcomes have been developed by Think Local, Act Personal, a national partnership transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support.

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Service Design 

Integration is complicated and difficult to deliver effectively. Learn from the experience of Integration Pioneers, and Vanguard organisations which have been piloting new models of care, including guidance on engagement and involvement with colleagues and the public.

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Integrated Care Competences 

Evolving the right mix of competences to deliver person-centred integrated care.

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Values, Behaviours and Principles

The qualities and characteristics of individuals and organisations which underpin the approach to integrated care.