Making Every Contact Count: face to face training

Slideshow available as a face-to-face training resource

Managing change

Understanding a manager’s role during change

Mary Seacole Programme

A programme, devised by the NHS Leadership Academy, for people in their first team management position

Measuring success

When measuring the success of Making Every Contact Count, it is important to consider organisational readiness, staff readiness amd operational delivery. Click on the links below to find out more about measuring the success of MECC.

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MECC - Guide and Toolkit Review January 2013

Report on the MECC implementation guide and toolkit

Medicines calculation software to support student nurses

safeMedicate has been embedded into the pre-registration curriculum

Mental Health Extended E-learning Course

E-learning course - Following an introduction to mental health, this course concentrates on six main areas

Mental Health Urgent Care Diversion services

Mental Health Urgent Care Diversion services enable the assessment and treatment of individuals who present to acute services with health health needs

Mentors contribute to the nursing curriculum

Information on a series of workshops on influencing the curriculum provided for mentors provided by the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Keele University

Metoclopromide or methotrexate?

How do pharmacists remember the names of so many drugs?



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