Posters: It's OK to ask

Posters for the MECC campaign: "It's OK to ask"

Pre-registration nurse training - CHAMPS

Training progamme on brief interventions for pre-registration nurses


Preceptorship – personalised support for practitioners that will allow them to begin their journey from novice to expert

Preparing for a new job - practical advice

Improve your prospects of finding a job

Pressure Ulcer Path

Resource to help staff prevent and treat pressure ulcers step by step

Pressure ulcer prevention - raising awareness

Education and training are key to prevention

Preventing pressure ulcers

An online resource aimed at helping nursing staff to help reduce the number of pressure ulcers

Programme to improve the audits of junior doctors

Making connections with patient safety and creating an opportunity to present results

Promotional material artwork

Artwork for the "It's OK to ask" MECC campaign

Public Health Practitioner Development Scheme

Accreditation for West Midlands public health practitioners



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