Training for nurses based on "Elle's" journey

Interactive learning that starts with a letter of complaint from a patient's sister

Training in Public Health Podcasts

A suite of podcasts on training in public health have been developed by Dr Shamil Haroon in the West Midlands to complement both specialists’ and practitioners’ learning, providing useful preparation for the practitioner masterclasses and signposting to further information. Access these via SoundCloud and iTunes.

Training paediatric staff in Islamic end of life care

Creation of a day-long course in caring for a Muslim child who is dying

Understanding and choosing your response to change

How do I maintain my personal resilience through change?

Urgent Care – Out of Hospital Programme

Supporting workforce in care homes through education and training

Values, behaviours and principles

The qualities and characteristics of individuals and organisations which underpin the approach to integrated care

Walking the talk

In this four minute video we hear how MECC had helped NHS staff make their own lifestyle changes

We would like to acknowledge...

Embracing Change was developed as a result of partnership working between organisations in the West Midlands

West Midlands Modules

West Midlands Modules are free resources for any healthcare staff to acquire basic knowledge on various generic and clinical topics

West Midlands Network for General Paediatric Surgery (WMGPS)

General Paediatric Surgery (GPS) is the non-specialised surgery on children that can be performed either by specialist paediatric surgeons, or by surgeons who primarily operate on adults but have expertise in paediatric surgery



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