Making Every Contact Count

MECC is an approach to behaviour change that uses the millions of day-to-day interactions that organisations and individuals have with other people to support them in making positive changes to their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

MECC supports the opportunistic delivery of consistent and concise healthy lifestyle information and enables individuals to engage in conversations about their health at scale across organisations and populations:

  • for organisations, MECC means providing their staff with the leadership, environment, training and information that they need to deliver the MECC approach
  • for staff, MECC means having the competence and confidence to deliver healthy lifestyle messages, to help encourage people to change their behaviour and to direct them to local services that can support them
  • for individuals, MECC means seeking support and taking action to improve their own lifestyle by eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, drinking alcohol sensibly, exercising regularly, not smoking and looking after their wellbeing and mental health

Making Every Contact Count

Midlands and East Guide and Toolkit and accompanying resources

Download the key resources you will need to implement Making Every Contact Count

MECC - Guide and Toolkit Review January 2013

Report on the MECC implementation guide and toolkit

Making Every Contact Count in action

This five minute video shows MECC interventions taking place

How Organisations are Implementing MECC

Downloadable resource detailing how Making Every Contact Count is working in practice

National Making Every Contact Count

Background of the national Making Every Contact Count (MECC) campaign

Getting started with staff training

Overview of Making Every Contact Count training options

Making Every Contact Count: face to face training

Slideshow available as a face-to-face training resource

Making Every Contact Count: e-learning

Course to train individuals in making the most of their time with the public

Pre-registration nurse training - CHAMPS

Training progamme on brief interventions for pre-registration nurses

Tailored training packages: some examples

These presentations show how different organisations have tailored their own MECC training packages

Accessing MECC trainers and training packages

Guide to accessing Making Every Contact Count training packages

Walking the talk

In this four minute video we hear how MECC had helped NHS staff make their own lifestyle changes

Insight into patient and staff attitudes

Insight into patient and staff attitudes to receiving and delivering healthy lifestyle advice

1: Introducing MECC

Two toolkits: An introduction to MECC for staff and for organisational leaders

2: Walk the Talk

Toolkit to encourage staff to make lifestyle changes

3: It's OK to Ask

Toolkit to encourage the public to ask NHS staff for advice about lifestyle changes

Making Every Contact Count in action

This five minute video shows MECC interventions taking place

Phil's Story

In this four minute video we hear how MECC had helped Phil improve his lifestyle

Promotional material artwork

Artwork for the "It's OK to ask" MECC campaign

Main toolkit

Main communications toolkit for the Making Every Contact Count It's OK to ask campaign

Posters: It's OK to ask

Posters for the MECC campaign: "It's OK to ask"

Screen images: It's OK to ask

Screen images for the "It's OK to ask" MECC campaign

Posters: Don't be surprised if we ask

Posters for the "Don't be surprised if we ask" element of the "It's OK to ask" MECC campaign


Pilot eReferral Project

Pilot project to capture data through an eReferral system

Information to support measuring success

Material to help capture MECC activity

What is Making Every Contact Count?

In this six minute video, we see how Making Every Contact Count benefits organisations, staff, patients and service users

Case studies

Details of case studies and workshops for Making Every Contact Count